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 player base

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Clion Kilnor

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PostSubject: player base   Sat May 19, 2012 9:59 am

ok everyone,,

I know I have not been around as much as I can be but like most people Real life comes first...

Our Player base.. I know it seem our player base is low and people are making other charactors to keep things interesting but we all need to perhaps bring new people here... I know it's hard because now new players have to download haks which in my opinion and it's only my opinion I think haks can or does kill a server.... my thoughts on that is newer players want to find a place to check out with downloading anything and if they like it they stay.... let's look at the facts here that I have seen... before the new haks where uploaded I saw at time 20 people onine... 20 that is huge... now we have like 10 or less... cut in half.... Perhaps it's the haks... Trust me I love the haks and maybe it's just people are not around... anyways moving on...

I know it's hard with a low player base but I can't stress the importance of Guilds.... being in a active guild keeps things interesting but the only happens if their is other active guilds out there.. Excample; KNights sure they are great but if the DA guilds are not active then the Knights are boring....

I do not know I guess i am just talking here... let me know what you think... Smile lol!

Clion Kilnor
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PostSubject: Re: player base   Sat May 19, 2012 7:51 pm

We are forgetting another factor here...its nice out now people take vacations. Stay all day.

those Night owls out there around 10 to 11 PM things start picking up. There is a time line of there server being set.

Now has the haks go, ill look and see if i can shave off a few more. I like worms haks like to keep them and there more used on a lot of servers.

And where there a nice size of people on 5+ there always events. If DMs do to much then get players saying DMs are over involved in RP. and if dont do enough they stand there kicking dirt.

The Drop off happen time around we used new haks beyond Cep2 .4 ..So again I will comb over them and see what I can shave off. Less Haks less to Down load.

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PostSubject: Re: player base   Sat May 19, 2012 10:08 pm

Yes, we all know that RL always comes first and we all miss you all. Summer break is coming around so that is yay for all of us, lol. Hope everything is okay and that you all are okay. All of you are our friends and we luv you lots. Keep us updated too. Miss you all and luv you lots. Smile *hugs*
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Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider

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PostSubject: Re: player base   Sun May 20, 2012 2:29 pm

Haks may play a part in things. Hard to say.

Summer vacation is definately a factor though. I played in another PW for seven years. And during the summer vacation, numbers typically drop. Folks are off doing things IRL, like going outside and enjoying the weather.

Me? I'm a geek and proudly embrace it. I'll be IG a fair bit, but I'll be spending time with my folks first and foremost. Razz

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Hill Giant
Hill Giant

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PostSubject: Re: player base   Sun May 20, 2012 2:34 pm

I know i havent been on a lot lately because im not ever sure what to do. and i have had a lot going on with this being the last week of school and trying to get grades passing. and the haks take me forever to download my internet is really slow. lkike a couple hours for some of the haks.
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best served cold

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PostSubject: Re: player base   Tue May 22, 2012 2:58 am

My persective..Whats the point of joining a guild here when you can have millions at lvl 5 USE all the gear you can then buy at the same low lvl and be uber(monks thieves bards BG's not classed as guilds?)...or have someone with trillions who buys the gear for you or a friendly DM drop all the "need to work for it" good crafted gear on you as a "reward".Kills partying for items and xp and imho kills rp in the long run.
Just my tuppennce worth.
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PostSubject: Re: player base   

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player base
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