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 Adalinda Silver-Mane, Silver Dragon

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PostSubject: Adalinda Silver-Mane, Silver Dragon   Tue May 22, 2012 10:33 pm

Born from Fain and Cadderly Silver-Mane and raise very well. Adalinda has two sisters and one is named Elhonna Silve-Mane, Adalinda has not seen her other sister but she wishes for a little brother to protect and take care of him even be there for him as well as his big sister. She loves her family very much and would do anything to keep them safe and protected. She is also a priestess/fighter of Paladine and trusts him no matter what. She shows him respect and respect others that earns it. She would never betray her God or her family. She attends to aid Solace and other people that are need in aid. She has silver long hair down to her back and silver eyes. She also has a protector/dear friend named Coric Colt who is also a follower of Paladine and always near him when she needs to be. Also, aids him whenever he needs it and comforts him whenever she needs it. She also plans to help Coric build a temple/academy of Paladine for Battle Priests and Priestesses. More importantly, she does not want to lose her family or Coric so she won't give up if people are in need of aid or if her family and Coric are in need of aid as well.

When she hatched, she was scared of the world she was being raise in but she was able to succeed to get out of her egg with her father's help and her mother's. She always use to chase her father's tail and stomps on it when she was a baby, even stood in the middle of her parent's feet like her sister Elhonna did when she was a baby. She is still learning the world around her and hopes to succeed to learning everything. She also was able to leave home when she was young and now she enjoys the scenery and trees around her when she does exploring which she enjoys to do so much. She even sleeps under the trees in Solace. She also enjoys being around water, she visits the Nearfields and Crystal Lake near Solace to spread her wings and rests in her dragon form whenever she can because she promise her father that she wouldn't let their secret out on what their true form is. She also enjoys being a priestess of Paladine and pray to him whenever she has time. She hopes that her and Coric will be able to make a temple/academy for other followers of Paladine near Solace and she also thanks Paladine for meeting Coric Colt who is a sweet, handsome, and a gentlemen that she is comfortable around and enjoys spending time with him as well. Sometimes, she thinks that he is her soulmate as well. She also sometimes tells her father to calm down and not lose his temper when she's around Coric. But she knows why her father is so protective of her and his other two daughters. She even told him that she would always be his baby girl and likes it when he calls her that. She would always be there for her family and visit them whenever.
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Adalinda Silver-Mane, Silver Dragon
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