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PostSubject: Offical Server Time Line    Offical Server Time Line  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 3:40 pm

332 AC -The time Started two weeks before the Heroes was to gather ay the Inn of the last home
( Here is the junction point the Novels world and our world of Dragon Lance have taken another path )

333 AC - Signs of the gods are starting to show they returned

334 -337 AC - Seekers are growing in Numbers ( Haven is attacked with Hordes of undead)

337 - 345 AC - Dragon Arny Wings are gaining power. New but old threat has made it self known again

345-347 AC in the two years the War of the Lance was placed on a temper hold to deal with a woman named Champaign. The Blood Sword was forged and she was defeated at the lost of a Great Rose Knight by the Name of Lord Zula.

347-351 AC The War of the Lance is turning out to have no wining Side and ends with a uneasy truce

16 years pass All side of the War of the Lance are still rebuilding there forces. Small Battles of the faction still happen only slowing the progress down

in the years of 363 AC Krynn was invaded by Creatures which was given the name "Green Skins" They Over took Neraka and Proceeded to march on the Elven lands.

366 AC- the last of the Green skins where killed off Neraka retaken by the rebuilding DA forces

366 - 367 AC New Port falls to the DA attacks, which Later on was taken over by the Undead Army's of Chemosh. And they was driven out and New Ports is rebuilt.

367 AC - The Dark Queen has found one that some how is the key to her Freedom and Calls him the Key Master

372 AC -  The Evil woman Champaign has returned and is unsure is seeking to free the High god Chaos or Stop him.

373 AC - The DA wings are now being Removed. New Talk of the Knights of Taklasis is now being spoken of...

374 -376 three of the Five DA wing have been disbanded. On the removal of the Blue wing Taklasis manged to break free of the Abyss is free.

276- 278 The K o T is now working behind in shadows to ready it self to strike the lands of Krynn

381-383 A new Threat as been making it self known, The Seven Deadly Lords are on the march. 

383- To no avail, the seven deadly Lords were not stopped. One god was betrayed and replaced ... the winds of fate blow in ways we can not guess...

...From here is unknown what is yet happen and events await to be wrote by hands of mortal's ...

Hope this helps give a idea how this DragonLance world has played out so far
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Offical Server Time Line
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