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 Bad Timing

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PostSubject: Bad Timing   Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:26 am

Training and training, on and on they went. Delas and Tarence were a team. More than a team, they had formed their own brotherhood. It seemed as though they had the Lemish woods down like the back of their hands, but they were soon proven wrong. Once again, like they have done many times before, they went into the Temple of Chemosh to take on Chemosh's champion. Unlike the other times, the champion was not the only one present. Chemosh and another one of his followers were there. Tarence and Delas finished the Champion quickly and rushed out of there realizing they were outnumbered. Quickly they ran until they were stuck on the bridge. Both sides of the bridge was filled with demons. They were trapped, and both fell in the battle. Waking up again they had the "Mark of Death" on their right hand. They left Chemosh's territory quickly and continued on their usual routine. But the routine would soon have them not thinking clearly. Their usual circle had them end right back up in the woods of Chemosh and one of Chemosh's followers were waiting for them. It was not just her though, but also vampires and fallen knights. Seemed to be a dozen or so warriors against them along with a stealthy archer. They were impossibly outnumbered. Delas fell in the battle, but once he got back on his feet, they made their way to Kayolin. The "Mark of Death" had left the hand of Delas, but the mark was still on Tarence. Tarence made his way to the Temple of Liight to seek assistance.
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Bad Timing
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