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 The Queen's Due

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PostSubject: The Queen's Due   Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:22 pm

The small skiff had set sail from New Ports days ago and was on its way to Caergoth. As it was a smaller vessel the Lucky Kender had hugged close to the shore for as long as it could. However, today was the day that they headed out into the deep to cross the Straits of Shallsea. The weather looked good and the wind was in their favor so they headed north and begean the crossing.

By and large the crew ignored their passenger. He was a greasy, smelly fellow whose single saving grace was that he knew his way around the rigging. While he kept his scythe below deck, his dagger remained strapped to his thigh. The captain had asked him to remove the blade two days prior, but he had just given him a yellow toothed smile and struck up a conversation with someone who wasn't there.

This Reede fellow seemed all manner of crazy and it was decided among the crew that they were simply better off leaving things be.

The crossing started off well enough, but once they had reached the middle of the straights the wind had picked up. Storm clouds were coming in fast and the waves tossed the Lucky Kender to and fro. The skies darkened and the crew set about securing the ship as best they could all the while giving prayers to Habbakuk and Zeboim.

William Reede on the other hand seemed to be in his glory. He clung to the mast yelling encouragement to the storm.

The captain had had enough of William's antics.

"Gods, man! Do you want to sink us!"

"My good man," William replied with a toothy grin. "either the Sea Queen will sink us or she won't. My yelling out at the storm won't make a lick of difference. Though.... being a sea priest I reckon I may be able to help out if you were so inclined."

The captain grumbled under his breath and gave it some thought.

"Do what you can."

William nodded and stepped away from the mast.

"I reckon the problem is that you lot haven't given the Queen her due."

"What? She wants prayers? Tell us the words!"

"Was talking the matter over with the boys," William mentioned motioning over his shoulder to an empty part of the deck. "I reckon that we may be able to appease her with the right words. But Jenkins..."

In a flash the dagger was drawn from its sheath and plunged into the captain's heart.

"Jenkins says you lot are all farged."

He flung the body over the side of the ship into the storm and headed down below the deck as the crew gathered up belaying pins and gaff hooks. The door swung open and William strode onto the deck, scythe in hand.

"Time to reap the storm, boys!"

With a maniacal laugh William launched himself into battle. Strangely the shifting deck did not seem to affect his balance or footing. His scythe cut a bloody swath through the sailors and soon, he stood on the deck surrounded by meat. Blood flowed across the deck and into the sea.

"This here is all yours, my Queen. Enjoy the bounty."

Whether it was by divine will or mere chance was something only Zeboim would know and it would seem that she wasn't in a talkative mood at the moment. But as the blood flowed into the sea the wind and waves died down and the storm passed.

Taking the tiller in hand, William steered the skiff to the shore and ran her aground. He gathered up his pack, and what valuables he could find on the crew, and headed down the road to Caergoth.

Who knows what awaited him there.

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-Malan uth Malanthius, Warrior in the Fighter's Academy
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The Queen's Due
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