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 "Dear Diary"

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PostSubject: "Dear Diary"   Tue May 11, 2010 9:19 pm

The inn was reasonably priced and clean. Malanthius was not in the mood to head downstairs and bestow a curse on the innkeeper and as such, the room's condition worked out best for everyone.

He sat in his chair reading the diary he found where Eld Manor once stood. It was written in the hand of Lady Karyn Eld. The woman had gone mad and was arguing with herself. She had called upon her god to save her, but clearly he did not.

"Such it is with the so called 'gods of light'," Malanthius thought to himself.

He knew the gods existed. He had spoken with one the other day and made an arrangement with yet another previously. A profitable arrangement to say the least.

But his mind went back to the incidents in Haven. The undead decended upon the city bearing the banner of Eld. Malanthius and a few others drove off the undead. Unfortunately, there was little in the way of rewards. The undead had a ring or a potion, but no magic of note. The black robed wizard would have to find more power elsewhere.

Outside of the city, they were set upon by a servant of Chemosh delivering a dire warning. A warning that... well... that anyone with an interesting offer would become privy to for Malanthius' part. After dispatching this servant, he and a Solamnic Knight encountered a man in a black suit. A man with considerable power.

It turned out the man in question was not a man at all.

But Hiddukel the Broken Scale.

If he had any illusions about the gods being divine beings of wisdom and infallability, they were washed away in the first few minutes of conversation. He felt awe in the god's presence to be sure, but any awe was overpowered by the annoyance of Bigby's Forceful Hand knocking the black robed wizard on his back.

It seemed that the god had a vested interest in Haven (something that Malanthius would keep in mind should the need for leverage ever arise)and took the assault on Eld rather personally. A bargain was struck where the wizard and knight would take the god to the house of Eld in exchange for some items of power.

Yet when they arrived...

The manor was gone.

They combed the area (Hiddukel just watched) and all the wizard found was the journal that he was reading in his hands. He hoped for some clues to arcane knowledge, but instead found the rantings of an insane woman worried about her husband falling to Chemosh.

He closed the book and returned it to his pack. Perhaps it may be useful in the future. He looked over at the orb that Hiddukel had given him, electricity crackling beneath its surface. He would find use for it to be sure, but while a powerful artifact, it could be used only once. He sought power in a more "permanent" form.

It would seem that the power he sought remained with his patron.

Dramatis Personae:
-Malan uth Malanthius, Warrior in the Fighter's Academy
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"Dear Diary"
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