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 Tyrius Kalrone

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PostSubject: Tyrius Kalrone   Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:09 pm

A journal is Found in one of the rooms in Solaces Inn.

As the book is opened, you can see it has a large amount of water damage, however you are able to make out the first few lines written.
"My name is Tryius Kalrone, I am what remains of my household. Fire has taken my lands, my wife, and my unbo.."

* Water has made most of this page unreadable. As you continue to flip through the pages a few seem to have survived the water damage*

"Once again i find myself forced off the road by the creatures known as Bugbears. They are fury vile beasts with no hope of salvation. i would cleanse these beasts had it not been for the wound i sustained after my fall. It's festering, and i feel im getting weaker and weaker. I hear her, and she calls to me. The rain is coming, i shall write more if i survive this night."

" i have awoken, the storm persists and food is running low. i often hear the sound of bears not far from where i sit." *water damage as taken this page as well*

"with some luck i have managed to survive the last few night. and to my surprise the cave i was sleeping in had medicinal herbs growing in it back. the herb, which i cant remember it's name, has done fine to cool my fever and the wound has also healed, though still painful i hope to make a fast recovery. my journey has been delayed to long."

*Many more pages have to be skipped*

"Alas i have come to a swamp. the insects are horrid and i hear strange growling in the distance, however i must press on. If i remember right there is a small village on the other side of this swamp. a warm bed and a bath would do me well."

"This swamp goes on forever and to make matters worse these bugs will not leave me alone, my armor is rusting to a point I'll need to replace it soon. had it not been for the fire i would still be living back at the estate. ah the estate, built by my grandfather and passed down. such a history to be removed by fire."

" Alas i have reached the end of the swamp and what a relief, i am once again unaware of where i a however i shall not complain, the swamp is in the past and i shall look to the horizon. Speaking of that, it seems to be getting cooler. i can only assume it has been several months since i left. what should have only taken a few weeks at most."

* the rest of the journal is void and nothing else has been written*
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Tyrius Kalrone
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