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 Mage Apprenticeship

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PostSubject: Mage Apprenticeship   Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:30 pm

Hello everybody,

I am thinking of starting a magic user and it would be a lot of fun to develop this character under the tutelage of a mentor. It seems like it would be easier to ask here than attempt to fish at anyone while on the server.

Here are a few details to see whether or not your mage would be a good mentor to my new apprentice.

- The character is going to most likely be a civilized human.
- The character will be neutral and impressionable, I don't care what robes he gets, I just want to rp his journey to the Tower! (Thus, your character could persuade him to go in any direction before his test, and potentially gain a new ally)
ALSO - this makes it easy for any alignment to pick him up from the Mage School

- Obviously, we would rp everything from chores, lessons, punishments... its all up to your character if you choose to accept.
- Due to the ease of leveling, I don't plan on advancing this character from level to level until a sufficient amount of rp has passed. I am totally fine and looking forward to this. Be prepared for a potentially long (But hopefully fun!) apprenticeship.

If you are interested, respond here or send me a pm so we can hammer out details. Thanks a lot, hope some of you take the bait!

Dael Leonson - Sellsword, Associate of the Fighter's Academy
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Mage Apprenticeship
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