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 Goodsbane Seizes control

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PostSubject: Goodsbane Seizes control   Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:56 pm

Ziggy's heart was racing as he ready his blade. He patiently waited outside the Owl's Club in Haven. It was dusk and the crowd noise inside the club poured out to the street. It was the perfect time for the conversation ziggy was about to have with the owner. Ziggy shook his head as he could smell the rain in the wouldn't be long until it came pouring down...the perfect way to dispose of blood if needed. It wasn't long until he was met by another man dressed in black.

"About time you got here," scolded Ziggy.

"Sorry boss, the guards were harder to bribe than I thought," appologized the man.

"It's find...don't forget the plan...are you ready?" asked Ziggy

"yeah, boss, let's do this" answered the man.

Ziggy pulled his hood up and the two men entered the crowded building, The club was busy as always. Hints of jasmine and cigars lingered in the air and dodging through the crowd turned into more of a well timed dance. He nodded to his partner and the partner motioned for the owner.

"Ziggy, it is good to see you again my old friend," said the owner "Your room is unoccupied sir,"

"Thanks, but that is not why I am here today," Replied Ziggy

"oh? what is it? What can I do for you?" asked the owner

"I want the title to the business," said Ziggy.

"What? we are friends Ziggy, but I won't hand the title over to you," said the owner

Ziggy nodded to his partner who grabbed one of the working girls. Ziggy dragged the ower out to the street and his partner dragged the prostitute following.

"I will ask you again....the Title or something bad will happen," Said Ziggy

"No, not happening Ziggy," said the ower as the rain pelted down on his face

"very well," Ziggy Replied as he pull out a dagger and slit the girls throat.

The woman shot her hands to her throat in vein as she fell to the ground. The blood ran freely from the wound but washed down a drain pipe with the help of the rain. The owner wheeled back in shock and fear as he watch the life slip from the girl. Her face was paralyzed in fear. At that moment a guard walked up and took in the scene.

"guard, guard...he just killed that woman," the owner pleaded,

The guard looked to the owner then to ziggy

"I'll get this taken care of Ziggy," replied the guard

The owner's expression was one of disbelief as wells as defeat.

"Fine, what ever you want, Take it," replied the owner.

"I'm glad you see it my way, now...if you leave tonight I'll make sure no harm comes to your or your family"

Ziggy then looked over to his partner. Spread the word that all the prostitues work for me now. Let our allies know we have a new meeting place as well.
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Goodsbane Seizes control
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