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 Ilyssa Squire of the Knighthood

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PostSubject: Ilyssa Squire of the Knighthood   Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:28 am

The hot sun of the Plains of Dust beat down on Ilyssa's neck so much that she had to remove her helm and place it in one of her bags to keep from fainting. The day has been long and the Salamandas have been massive in numbers. With her as always was the stray cat that seem to latch itself to her.

The cat seemed to be pretty good in a fight despite all the coaxing Ilyssa tried to do to make it stay back. "Well MadClaw, she decided to name the cat, I think it is time to to find a quick rest." MadClaw meowed in response and followed Ilyssa to a secluded shaded spot that she noted in passing before. She sat down and pulled out a small cracke clay bowl and poured water into it for MadClaw, and took a massive swig of the waterskin for herself before relaxing.

"I wonder if i made the right choice. Would I have made a better cleric?" Ilyssa asked the sweltering air but the only answer she got was a look from MadClaw. "I know, i know i already pledged myself to to the Order." Ilyssa sighed.

Ilyssa reached into another pouch and pulled out one of the books she was given when she became a squire, and began reading the teachings inside.........

*To Be Continued*

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Ilyssa Squire of the Knighthood
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