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 Coric - Herbal Priest

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PostSubject: Coric - Herbal Priest   Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:54 pm

The Great Library - Palanthas

The halls of the Great Library echoed slightly with the shuffling of feet and the closing of books as the visitors searched through the massive collection of books. It appeared that people from all walks of life came here, Coric saw a few mages from the tower, one of them he recognized, a couple of performers from the Wine Song Theater, and even a few priest and preistesses from the various temples across the land.
The other patrons moved with determined purpose, which told Coric that they had come here for specific reason. Coric, however, has no purpose he was just there to learn new things, and understand things that he recently found out about. He was in a peticually old and obviously seldom used room of the library when he stumbled upon several volumes of tomes.
The weren't labeled on the outside binding, which is what caught his attention. He grabbed these volumes and found a table to sit down at and browse the tomes at lesuire. After what seemed like days, but only several hours has passed by, Coric found out that they were books on Herbs and the art of Herbalism, how to identify them, how to mix them for certain purposes, ect., ect.
"Well something new." Coric though to himself as he got ready to leave with the books in hand. He already began thinking about all that he have seen or heard from others, about the illnesses and plagues that have occured recently and how what he could learn from these books could help others.
His trip back home in Gateway was uneventful and when he entered his home he immediately went to work reading and taking notes. Knowing his wife was with her family and would be for a while he knew he would have some peace to get started.

-End Part I-

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Coric - Herbal Priest
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