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 The hunt for Zeboim

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PostSubject: The hunt for Zeboim   Thu Aug 16, 2012 3:47 pm

The clouds grew dark as the wave became more and more restless. Ziggy looked to the sky from the deck of The Scoundrel Mermaid. On the other side of the boat Ziggy could hear the captain shouting orders to the sailors preparing them for a storm. This seemed routine for the handful of seasoned sea dogs, but Ziggy felt something was amiss. A break in the clouds allowed a lone ray of sunshine to embrace the boat in light. But the ray seemed to follow the boat. He looked to the other sailors wondering if they were seeing the same thing or if he was just imagining it, but they were too busy dropping sails and securing masts to care. Almost like a cold cackle, the wind picked up even more bathing the boat’s occupants in a summer chill. They were sailing to Port’o’call and Ziggy figured that his real mission had be discovered. He stood for a long time watching the clouds darken to a pure black. The wind had intensified 10 fold and the wave were low leaping over the side of the boat. That uneasy feeling Ziggy would get when he is about to face life or death surfaced. He tore himself away from staring at the clouds and joined the captain.

“What can I do for you Captain?” asked Ziggy.

“Get yerself below deck matey, this be no place for a landlubber,” Replied the captain.

“I have been through worse Captain, I can help you,” replied Ziggy

“Suit yerself then Ziggy, get yer arse over to smitty and help him secure the foremast and watch yer step, the decks get more slick than a mermaids tail,” commanded the captain

Ziggy rushed to help secure the mast as his boats slipped on the deck. He realized the captain wasn’t joking about slippery decks. He was no more than an arm’s length away when lightning struck the mast toppling off onto the deck. Ziggy’s eyes grew wide as he dove out of the path of the mast landing none too softly next to the deck rail. Lightning struck again, but this time it was on the deck no more than 15 feet from Ziggy leaving a scorch mark. Ziggy then realized that Zeboim knew what his purpose was in Port’o’call. The storm only got worse after that, never had Ziggy seen such rage from a storm in his life. It wasn’t long until the sailor’s became suspicious as other lightning strikes hit near Ziggy.

“It’s him, the sea witch’s fury is for Ziggy,” yelled one of the sailors.

The other sailors, stricken with fear, all closed in on Ziggy. He tried to evade them, but they keep closing in. He called upon the shadows to aid him as he slipped into the shadow realm sneaking by the dumbfounded sailors. He realized he didn’t have a choice, he reappeared and ran and swan dived off the port side of the boat into the enraged waters. The force of the waves were surely about to pull him under, but he began to see Ivy’s face and he fought with all of his strength to say above water. A few feet in front of him he saw debris floating within reach. He propped himself up on the board which turned out to be the name plate of The Scoundrel Mermaid. Relieved he let the waves toss him around and he held onto the board. As Ziggy sat there, holding on to his last life line, the storm subsided. Perhaps Zeboim had her fill, but more likely he felt as though she wanted him to enjoy a slow agonizing death in the sea. As Ziggy was about to subside to the exhaustion he heard a harbor bell resounding off in the distance. It was foggy so Ziggy couldn’t see the harbor, but he could tell it was there. With whatever strength he could muster he swam for what seemed like hours. But now, he could see the harbors outline just outside the fog. With a newfound energy he swam until he came up to a dock. He climbed up the ladder and finally he was on land, he looked out into the vast blueness of the ocean and to his shock there was no fog. He walked to the end of the dock and looked out over the crystal clear ocean that seemed to just melt into the horizon. It looked like a beautiful summer day. Ziggy followed the dock inland to see where he wound up. To his surprise he ended up just where he needed to be. The docks were buzzing with people buy fish, peddling wares, and waiting for loved ones to come into port. As he walked through people looked at him strange as if they knew he was a foreigner to their lands. The familiar city of Port’o’call always brought back memories for Ziggy, it was his childhood home, but nothing was the same, but he did know one thing, Zeboim’s temple would surly still be standing. He made his way to the north-eastern part of the city knowing exactly what must be done. The temple stood where he remembered it being, glooming over the city. As he walked in he felt uneasy, like if he just wanted into the belly of a beast. The interior was flooded with water and he sloshed towards the back of the temple. The temple was empty except for the priestess.

“Welcome sir to Zeboim’s temple. I don’t’ think I’ve seen you before, have you come to seek the ways of the sea witch?” Asked the priestess

“No, to the contrary, I want you to summon her, summon your goddess, I demand to speak with her,” growled Ziggy

“I cannot do that, but if you want to speak to her all you have to is pray to her and she will listen,” said the priestess

“You have me mistaken lady….I don’t desire to pray to her…I am here to demand her to leave my daughter alone so you will summon her for me,” yelled Ziggy as he put his blade to her throat.

“You don’t understand, I cannot summon a god, I am but a servant, but…behind me there is a portal, take it to Zeboim’s domain, maybe you will find her yourself,” choked out the priestess.

Ziggy roughly released the priestess throwing her to the ground, the portal before him swirled with colors and life.

“This is for you Zoey,” he said as he walked through the portal. The light engulfed him giving him a weightless feeling as he floated among the cosmos. With a thud he landed on the deck of a ship looking out among at watery grave for boats. Daze and confused he searched the ship for signs of where he might be. He tried the door to the lower cabin, but it was to no avail as it was locked. The only way off the ship would mean climbing down. As he got down he was surprised by water elementals bent on his complete obliteration. They surrounded him and he fought them off. The battle was long and tedious and his strikes barely damaged the creatures. Eventually his skill and agility won the day as they was nothing more than a pool of water left to remind him of the foes he just vanquished. Ziggy proceeded to explore every inch of Zeboim’s domain hoping to get her attention by killing on her creations and her followers. As the last lay dead at his fee he looked up to the sky.

“Do I have your attention now? Leave my daughter alone or I will kill all of your followers,”
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PostSubject: Re: The hunt for Zeboim   Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:14 am

Mixtli returns from his flight and enters the temple. He approaches the priestess and notices a slightly disturbed expression upon her normally calm face. He is about to offer his usual greeting and offerings but upon seeing this he looks to her,

"Sister, what troubles you more than not hearing the Sirens songs?"

"A man enters into our sacred ground not to offer prayers but threats and demands" She replies haughtily to the druid.
"You may tolerate such but I am not so inclined, he wanted me to demand our Lady present Herself to this fool as if he were a god of equal standing as She is. I told him I cannot do such a thing and the man proceeded to enter the portal hells bent on getting her attention."

Frowning Mixtli's eyes turn a slate gray color similar to storm clouds hearing of this offense. How dare some man enter here making demands of the Sea Witch...Sadly the priestess doesn't present him with more details other than the mans appearance. Mixtli summon his companion and speaks of what he needs, the bird listens and flies out of the temple her keen eyes on the look out. Mixtli now turns to the priestess.

"I will need to search for this enemy of ours if he wishes to see our goddess I will bring the fury of a thousand storms to his doorstep. For now I will ensure you are guarded better than before...."

He then heads out to the main city leaving his beloved temple for the dry streets of Port oCall, He finds a sailor whom has never been kind to Zeboim in his offerings and dominates the man commanding him to follow Mixtli back to his temple.

Once the sacrifice is completed Mixtli summons a few water elemental to stand guard within the temple. He then proceeds out to find out that he can about this individual that dares to threaten his goddess.


List of Alter Egos:

Crystal Storm-Master of Palanthas Tower, Half-dragon Servant of the Dark Queen
Zhai Nor lion- Wings Delivery Girl, Blacksmith , Enchantress, has no concept for speed limits
Mixtli- Lightning Obsessed Madman, Tree-hugging Whiterobe
Lassie- Domesticated Gnoll, Loves to play "Fetch"

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The hunt for Zeboim
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