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 The sorrowful song of Champaign

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PostSubject: The sorrowful song of Champaign   Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:05 pm

Ziggy dropped his glass ont he floor watching it shatter on the ground when he heard who his daughter was upstairs with. Pulling out his blade hen ran through the crowd towards the stairs to see for himself.

upstairs sitting by the fire he saw what he feared, champaign sitting with his daughter and allinor. Anger took over as Ziggy slipped into a rage. Something was diffferent though....champaign wasn't causing trouble. In fact she was saying sorry. Ziggy wasn't buying it he thought she was up to something. Then out of nowhere a crack of light broke the very fabric of air dragging champaign into itself.

Shortly after the crack of light reappeared Champaign was tossed out beaten and bloody. Her wounds were severe and it took anothers strength to move champaign from the floor to the chair. She was appologizing again and she mentioned that "he" was coming. She later confired "he" as chaos. Then something struck ziggy as strange...Champaign mentioned a village and a village elder that held an item. Upon asking Hiddukel about this Hiddukel mentioned that i may be a protected city that the gods protect. The only way to get there was to find someone from the city and ask them to show him the way. As so the story begins......
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The sorrowful song of Champaign
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