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 Mercer and the Oven

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PostSubject: Mercer and the Oven   Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:16 am

Concentration at full, the white robe worked on his concoction over the roaring fire in the oven. The timing had to be perfect. One slight mistake would leave an ill taste in ones mouth, which was unacceptable. It had to be perfect. Slowly but surely the masterpiece was taken out of the oven with the utmost care. Steam spread from the finished product, causing a new aroma to take hold of the room. Yes, it was done. The blueberry pie was ready.

Carrying his work gingerly, the white robe walked out of his shop to greet the people of Tarsis.

"Oh what a lovely day," he thought to himself.

Just then, he spotted a little girl crying to her parents. The white robe was now in close proximity, and the family looked at him in wonder.

"Perhaps this will make her feel better," and Mercer handed over the pie to the family. WIth one bite the little girl's eyes opened wide and she went from tears of sadness to pure joy and happiness. The family thanked the white robe kindly. "If you would like some more, please come to the Grand Opening. It will not be long now," and the white robe gestured to the shop.

Word spread quickly around the city, and many gazed at the tea and bakery shop in wonder. More samples were given out to the people, and what seemed like just rumors soon turned into anticipation as people waiting for the Grand Opening.

One lady asked to her husband, "Who is this white robe that will be running the shop?"
"I had a chance to test one of his samples, and never have I tasted a pastry like that. He said his name was Mercer."


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Mercer and the Oven
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