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 Sudjested Player and DM Edict

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PostSubject: Sudjested Player and DM Edict    Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:42 am

Hey there folks, i like to a thread to post pm player and DM Edict. Ppst here what you to see added or change or what ever you think is being done right.

Things I like both players and DM's to do if they could please.

Being I am a slow speller, making me a person that types slow then ask that even IC, you give a person like my self a chance to type things out. This could lead to ruining the RP fun or causing to miss key vital information for one or both sides involved. That could explain what is going on or just happen.

All I ask is send a tell or Say OOC to please pause if they do need some time to type. A lot of times I admit i am using a word checker program to help with spelling. and then copy and Paste to the game chat.

To be Honest does bother me when trying to type something out to explain what is going on, and talking to people walk away on you. Grant it could be IC they are doing that. Does not mean don't give the person a chance to type something up. I seen a lot of responses that are very long and i know goes off screen so typing in the blind at times. Again I ask Both sided to give a far chance for a person to type things out.

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PostSubject: Re: Sudjested Player and DM Edict    Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:17 pm

One comment I have. Even if the walk away is IC a couple second pause BEFORE you are completely out of talk range would give slower typers like myself to at least a second to try to at least make an attempt to say some thing


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Sudjested Player and DM Edict
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