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 Ivy's twitch

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PostSubject: Re: Ivy's twitch   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:42 pm

As ziggy comes walking into his keep finds Ivy on the ground twitching. He picks her up and carries her to her bed shouting her name. He places her in bed and feels for a fever. He thinks for a moment ths shouts something out loud.

"Amoura, she can help her," Ziggy runs to the temple of light looking for Amoura. When he finds her he tells her everything that has happened. He knew he could trust amoura, and being that she was a cleric of the blue hand it was almost like fate placed her there for him to find.

The two of them ran to ziggy's keep and Ziggy pleaded with amoura to help her. With a few divine words Amoura was able to used the blessings of Mishakal to heal Ivy. With a sigh of relief he thanked Amoura sincerely.
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Ivy's twitch
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