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 A Dragon, A God, and A Theater.

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PostSubject: A Dragon, A God, and A Theater.   Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:57 pm

-Palanthas: Purple Ridge-

Mannuel Bronze-Horn has spent much time as of late within the walls of Palanthas exploring the city and getting to know the knights that are posted there, and the civilians that started to live there again.. It wasn't long that she decided to set up a lair within the city to help keep the city safe. She wandered into an area that had an old theater build in the center of the area "This would be perfect a place to build a lair." Mannuel thought as she explored the old theater.

That was a few months ago.

Since then Mannuel has explored the land of Krynn and eventually found herself lost with the freezing the Ice Reach area and was about to give up hope when she met and was saved by the god Branchala. Without his help she might have still be there to this day not wanting to take flight in such a windy area. She was taken to Gateway and from there she went on about her life never forgetting what Branchala did for her in her time of need. She found herself back at the 'Ye Olde Theater' examining the building once again.

"For you Branchala and your bards I will have this theater fixed and reopened." Mannuel said in a silent prayer to Branchala. She went to the Grandmaster of the Knights to speak of her restoration of the theater.

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A Dragon, A God, and A Theater.
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