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 TTA (Time to Take Action)

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PostSubject: TTA (Time to Take Action)   Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:29 pm

-Ice Reach: Glacier Wall-

Coric has been siting in the same spot overlooking a barren patch of Ice Reach for several hours. The problems that have been occurring as of late has been beginning to pile up. One issue has been nagging at the back of his mind since its introduction, the fall of New Ports to the DA.

"I can't allow these fools to continue to spread across the land. They must be stopped and pushed back immediately." Coric said to himself. He closed his eyes and begin to meditate on the subject. The cold wind swirled around him in response to his opening himself up to the training he received at the hands of the monks in Esker.

"I need to find a solution." He spoke to the ethos that he now swam through. Voices from the ethos swirled around him and shadowed faces began to show themselves. "These people are those who might be able to help you in your task though it is a impossible task you set yourself on." Said the voices in unison to Coric.

Coric pulled himself into his body and opened his eyes. Standing up within one fluid motion he transformed into full dragon form and flew off towards his first destination......Port 'O Calls. When he reached the outskirst of the town he shifted back into human form and headed towards Zebiom's temple..........

I have souls enough, Ariakan. It’s the living I want. -Takhisis
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TTA (Time to Take Action)
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