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 Healing Hand of Mishakal

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PostSubject: Healing Hand of Mishakal   Healing Hand of Mishakal I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 1:30 pm

Healing Hand of Mishakal
In times of war and turmoil, Mishakal’s priests find
themselves marching alongside armies, tending to the sick
and the wounded. Certain Mishakite clerics take their
healing arts a step further, learning to channel even more
sacred energy into their work and conduct themselves with
confidence in the thick of battle. These brave souls, known
as the healing hands of Mishakal, comprise the goddess’s
most devoted and respected sect of acolytes, always ready
to help a fallen soldier or heal the wounds of innocents
caught in the conflict that surrounds them.

Most healing hands are clerics. After the War of Souls,
when Mishakal once again returns to Krynn, a small
number of paladins arise among the healing hands. A
healing hand can benefit from martial training, especially
if they are attached to an auxiliary or relief shelter in the
middle of enemy territory, but their oath of peace forbids
them from striking directly against others.
NPC healing hands can be found wherever and
whenever Mishakal’s azure light of healing is needed.
Mid-level healing hands are assigned in good lands to
shrines and temples, ready for adventurers to arrive on
the doorstep. High-level healing hands often go out into
dangerous, unexplored territory, which is where they might
meet player characters and aid them in their efforts against

Ex-Healing Hands of Mishakal

A healing hand is a devoted agent of peace in times of
war, and rarely strays from the path of her goddess. Those
that break their oath of pacifism, however, lose all benefits
of class features and bonus spell progression until they
atone for their transgressions (see the atonement spell
description in the Player’s Handbook).


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Healing Hand of Mishakal
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