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 Bright Warden of Paladine

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PostSubject: Bright Warden of Paladine   Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:32 pm

Throughout the ages of Krynn, when the constellation
of the Valiant Warrior is in the night sky and mortals of
the world hold faith in him, there are those that answer
the call to become bright wardens. A bright warden is
chosen by Paladine to embody that god’s attributes of light
and protection, a beacon in the darkness toward which
the defenseless can rally. Charged with radiant power,
Paladine’s bright wardens go where others fear to go,
snatch the innocent from the jaws of evil and despair, and
champion the cause of their god wherever and whenever
Those who take up the role of bright warden of
Paladine are almost universally clerics or paladins. Goodaligned
fighters and rangers sometimes become bright
wardens if they meet the spellcasting requirements. A rare
few barbarians, rogues, and monks also take this class,
notably those from exotic or secluded cultures in remote
areas of Krynn.
NPC bright wardens are usually paladins and clerics
who act alone in war-torn or dangerous regions, protecting
individual towns and villages or aiding good-aligned
armies in their strike against occupation forces. Bright
wardens often work together with priests of Mishakal and
Majere, or with knights of Solamnia in eras where the
knighthood stands firm against evil.

Ex-Bright Wardens of Paladine

A bright warden that no longer meets the alignment
requirements of this class or abandons his faith loses access
to all supernatural abilities and bonus spell progression,
and may no longer advance as a bright warden until he
atones (see the atonement spell description in the Player’s

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Bright Warden of Paladine
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