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 Coinsword of Shinare

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Coinsword of Shinare

While most think of Shinare as the goddess of merchants,
her faithful are very common among mercenaries and
sellswords in eras where her worship is practiced. Shinare
blesses every contract made in good faith, and this is no
less true of the contract between a mercenary soldier and
his employer. In fact, for some mercenaries their faith in
Shinare is so strong that they become one of the legion
of coinswords, so-called “contract paladins”, that revere
Winged Victory in every campaign and skirmish. She in
return grants them her divine blessings, so long as they
remain true to the signatures and the oaths they make.
Fighters, clerics, and even paladins make excellent
coinswords. The requirements, while restrictive, can be
met by most characters, opening up Shinare’s legion to all
who put their mind to it. Wizards, barbarians, sorcerers
and mystics are seldom if ever coinswords, while nobles
are typically too well-placed in society to take up arms for

NPC coinswords can be found near any battle or
conflict, often on opposing sides. Shinare has no qualms
about endorsing the contracts of coinswords in opposition
to each other, so long as the church itself is not threatened.
As coinswords are as likely to be good as they are evil,
PC coinswords may find themselves at the other end of a
field from one of their brethren, working for an entirely
different employer.

Ex-Coinswords of

A coinsword that breaks a
contract, whether willingly or
not, loses all of his coinsword special abilities until he
seeks atonement (see the atonement spell description in
the Player’s Handbook) with the church of Shinare. Until
then, he may not advance further as a coinsword and no
contracts that he signs will be legitimate in the eyes of the
church. The same fate awaits a coinsword that changes to a
non-lawful alignment or abandons his faith in Shinare.

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Coinsword of Shinare
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