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 Alluvial Oracle of Zivilyn

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Alluvial Oracle of Zivilyn

The River of Time flows unhindered for the most part,
watched over by the prescient eyes of Zivilyn, the God of
Wisdom. His priesthood contemplates and studies the
lessons of past choices and decisions yet to be made, and
at Zivilyn’s shrines his chosen seers, known as the alluvial
oracles, bring these observations to the people. Zivilyn’s
calm and measured nature is reflected in his oracles, who
at times will receive divine guidance from him and set out
into the world to counsel, patient and pragmatic as the
River of Time itself.

The largest proportion of Zivilyn’s alluvial oracles is
clerics. Some monks, and a handful of druids, also answer
the call to service. Few, if any, of the martial classes have
the patience and meditative talent to seek out this prestige

NPC alluvial oracles make excellent guides, counselors,
advisors, and judges. The players may journey some
distance to find a shrine to Zivilyn and ask questions of the
alluvial oracles present. An alluvial oracle may even oppose
the heroes, especially if their actions might lead to disaster.

Ex-Alluvial Oracles of Zivilyn

An alluvial oracle who gains changes alignment or
who turns from Zivilyn loses access to all supernatural
abilities and bonus spells granted by this class, and
may no longer advance as an alluvial oracle until she
atones (see the atonement spell description in the Player’s

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

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Alluvial Oracle of Zivilyn
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