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 Dark Pilgrim of Takhisis

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Dark Pilgrim of Takhisis

The Queen of Darkness drew countless thousands to
her service through the ages, with promises, threats,
and infernal bargains. Each time, Her Dark Majesty has
attracted dedicated individuals with an intense desire to
corrupt, overthrow, and eliminate those who stand in the
Light. Sent out into the world to do her vile work, these
dark pilgrims use whispered subterfuge and cloaked
murder to accomplish their goals, aided and empowered
by the spells they use in Takhisis’s name.

Almost all dark pilgrims are clerics, often multiclassed
as rogues or rangers. Because they focus on subtle means
rather than direct confrontation, dark pilgrims who
were once fighters and barbarians are rare. Monks make
excellent dark pilgrims, as do nobles, who are often
disaffected aristocrats, denied their birthright or exposed
due to scandal. Regardless of origin, all candidates for this
class are far from redemption serve the Queen in all things.
NPC dark pilgrims can be found in all ages in which
Takhisis’ plans are being realized. During the Third Dragon
War and the War of the Lance,
dark pilgrims were rife in the
free lands of Ansalon, spreading
lies and deceit or joining
forces with renegade mages or
mercenary captains.

Ex-Dark Pilgrims of Takhisis

A dark pilgrim who abandons her faith, betrays her church,
or fails her Dark Queen loses all supernatural and spelllike
abilities including bonus spell progression until she
atones (see the atonement spell description in the Player’s
Handbook). Often, a dark pilgrim never gets the chance
to atone, as the church sends other dark pilgrims out to
deal with her. Within a week of learning of her failures,
the dark pilgrim is attacked by a group of other dark
pilgrims, blackguards, or clerics of Takhisis with an EL of
the offending dark pilgrim’s character level. If these fail, a
second group is sent with an EL one greater than that, and
if that second group fails a third group with an EL equal
to the dark pilgrim’s character level plus two is sent. After
three attempts, the church usually stops actively seeking
out the offender.

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Dark Pilgrim of Takhisis
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