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 Firebrand of Sirrion

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Firebrand of Sirrion

Sirrion is known as the divine patron of fire, but his realm
extends into both the metaphysical and the metaphorical.
A flame burns hotly within his faithful, a passionate
source of creativity and
inspiration. Indeed, it is
artists, poets, lovers, and
activists who form the
bulk of his priesthood,
and one of the more
extreme examples of
his hotheaded followers
is the firebrand. Using
Sirrion’s divine flame as a
furnace of oratory power,
the firebrand sets out to
challenge, invigorate, lead
and, if necessary, sear
the souls of the world in
order to foster renewal,
freedom and creativity.
He is the ultimate rabblerouser
and spiritual
cauldron, an emissary for
Sirrion in lands that are
gripped tightly in cold,
hard stagnation.
Clerics of Sirrion
make up a significant
percentage of firebrands,
but many of them were
once nobles, rogues,
barbarians, and even
experts. Bards are
unlikely candidates,
chiefly because their use
of wild magic conflicts with the divine power of the Lord
of Flame. Druids of Sirrion make excellent firebrands,
especially in areas where the wilderness is threatened by

NPC firebrands are often encountered where a local
lord, prince, or tyrant is stifling the expression of the
people. Good firebrands act as freedom fighters, working
with other chaotic-aligned heroes to liberate communities.
Evil firebrands are much more malicious, bringing change
and furthering Sirrion’s goals, but without regard for
others. Such characters are likely opponents of lawfulaligned
hero groups, such as Knights of Solamnia.

Ex-Firebrands of Sirrion

A firebrand who becomes lawful or who grossly violates
the tenets of the church of Sirrion loses all class features
and spells and may no longer advance as a firebrand. She
regains her abilities if she atones for her actions (see
the atonement spell description in the Player’s

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Firebrand of Sirrion
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