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 Goodfellow of Branchala

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Goodfellow of

Branchala’s clergy are entertainers
at heart, if not by trade. His
message is carried along the
roads of Krynn by minstrels
and merrymakers, players
and performers, and among
these faithful the Bard King
occasionally recognizes
individuals whose soul
resonates with the joyous
dance of the world. These
acrobatic emissaries are
known and respected
throughout the free lands
as goodfellows, bringing
laughter and mirth to the
commonfolk and aristocrats
alike, enemies of despair.
Rogues and experts are the most likely
candidates to join the ranks of Branchala’s goodfellows.
Clerics that take levels in rogue are also common, but
because of the alignment and skill requirements, many
other classes find it difficult to qualify.

NPC goodfellows might be found as part of a troupe
entertaining and performing for villagers, townsfolk, and
even the courts of lords and ladies. In the years following
the War of Souls, many goodfellows accompany bards,
complementing their wild magic and musical skill with
the divine graces of Branchala. In other eras, goodfellows
can be seen in regions hit by conflict, lightening the heavy
emotional burden of those who have suffered war and

Ex-Goodfellows of Branchala

A goodfellow that abandons his faith or grossly violates
the tenets of Branchala loses access to divine spellcasting,
but retains his other class features. He may no longer
advance as a goodfellow of Branchala, however, until he
atones for his actions (see the atonement spell description
in the Player’s Handbook), at which point his spellcasting
will also be restored.

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Goodfellow of Branchala
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