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 Necrotheurge of Chemosh

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Necrotheurge of Chemosh

Necromancers, wizards who make up
half of the Order of the Black Robes, have
long felt that they are the true masters
of the magic of death and undeath. The
followers of Chemosh, Lord of the Dead,
challenge this bold claim. Certain priests
of Chemosh, filled with a thirst to learn
the true power of necromancy, find that
their dark patron is happy to oblige
them. These individuals are known as
necrotheurges, privy to secrets even the
wizards of Nuitari would barter their
souls away to know. They surround
themselves with undead servants and
conduct unspeakable rites to expand their
power and that of their god on Krynn.
The majority of necrotheurges are
clerics of Chemosh. Occasionally, a wizard
who has specialized in necromancy will
be lured from the wizardly Orders prior
to taking his Test and commit himself to
Nuitari. These multiclassed wizard/clerics,
having foresworn further advancement
as arcane spell users, find that their
existing necromantic spells are well
complemented by Chemosh’s unholy gifts.
NPC necrotheurges secure hidden
crypts, dank basements, and dusty tombs
for their rituals and study. They might be encountered in
catacombs or ruined castles, allied with evil warlords or
duped nobles who seek immortality. Player characters,
especially those devoted to Mishakal or Kiri-Jolith, will
find a necrotheurge to be a dangerous adversary.

Ex-Necrotheurges of Chemosh

Necrotheurges live in constant fear of losing control
of their undead charges, and thus are often the most
fervent servants of Chemosh. Those few who, for some
reason, violate their dread patron’s tenets or change to a
non-evil alignment immediately lose access to all class
features including supernatural abilities and bonus spell
progression and may no longer advance as a necrotheurge.
In addition, all undead controlled by or in the command
of the necrotheurge at the time of his betrayal are released
from his control and seek to destroy the offending priest at
the earliest opportunity.
Chemosh typically abandons such an individual to
his fate, although under exceptional circumstances an
atonement spell (see the atonement spell description
on page 201 of the Player’s Handbook) together with
sacrifices and offerings may be enough to give back to the
necrotheurge his abilities
and advancement

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Necrotheurge of Chemosh
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