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 Pagefinder of Gilean

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Pagefinder of Gilean

War and ruin are the
bane of knowledge and
learning, a fact that
strikes to the heart of the
priesthood of Gilean. As
libraries and schools are
plundered and volumes
of historical and even
mystical importance
are taken, it becomes
the sacred duty of
Gilean’s scholarly clerics
to recover them. The
pagefinders of Gilean
are at the forefront of
these efforts, sage-priests
that use their mastery
of script and scripture
to find, locate, and make
use of lost knowledge
and writing. They are
pre-eminent scribes and
adventurers, exemplars of their faith and the teachings of
their church.

The majority of pagefinders come to the class through
the cleric and rogue backgrounds. Few others meet the
requirements, though nobles, experts, and even wizards
are occasional candidates. Candidates often pursue the
loremaster prestige class in addition to levels in this class,
as the abilities of each class complement each other.
NPC pagefinders can be found in most parts of
Ansalon where war or natural disaster has led to looting
or banditry. There, they work to re-establish centers of
learning and chapels to Gilean, employing the help of
adventurers and even Aesthetics of the Great Library in
recovering ancient scrolls and long-lost books.

Ex-Pagefinders of Gilean

A pagefinder that violates the sacred tenets
of Gilean’s faith, such as by willfully destroying books of
knowledge or aiding in the repression of learning, loses
all supernatural abilities and spell progression and can no
longer advance as a pagefinder of Gilean until he atones
for his actions (see the atonement spell description in the
Player’s Handbook).

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

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Pagefinder of Gilean
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