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 Phoenix of Habbakuk

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PostSubject: Phoenix of Habbakuk   Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:38 pm

Phoenix of Habbakuk

The phoenices of Habbakuk take their name from their
patron deity’s symbol, the blue-feathered bird of rebirth
and renewal. Like this legendary creature, the phoenices of
Habbakuk have been reborn, either literally or figuratively,
brought back from the brink of oblivion or darkness by
another. They live on borrowed time, doing what they can
to bring swift action against the forces of evil, knowing that
they have had another chance given to them. Because of
their natures, however, they are loners and drifters, bearing
the blue pinion as they travel resolutely onwards against
the winds of fate.

The best candidate for a phoenix is a ranger, a class that
forms the foundation of Habbakuk’s deathless hunters.
Clerics and druids are also relatively common, while levels
in fighter, barbarian, rogue and mariners are more rare
albeit appropriate choices.
NPC phoenices are usually
encountered before a PC
ranger or cleric of Habbakuk
dies or turns to evil. Later
in their careers, when
melancholy and despair have
taken their toll, an NPC
phoenix may seek out a PC
to transfer the blue pinion
to them.

Ex-Phoenices of Habbakuk

A phoenix of Habbakuk is the
servant of his deity and the
responsibility remains with him
until he passes the blue pinion
onto another. If he changes his
alignment to evil or otherwise
forsakes his duty, he loses all
supernatural or spell-like class
features and may no longer advance
as a phoenix of Habbakuk until he atones
(see the atonement spell description in the Player’s
Handbook). Habbakuk makes every effort to have any
wayward phoenices brought back into the flock, however,
and most do not remain so afflicted for long. Phoenices of
Habbakuk who abandon the class in this manner are still
afflicted with the effects of melancholy.
If a phoenix of Habbakuk hands over the blue pinion
to another candidate, he may never again advance as a
phoenix of Habbakuk and cannot draw upon the flamerelated
abilities of the class, but is otherwise not penalized.
Abandoning the class in this manner also eliminates the
phoenix’s melancholy penalty, but he once again feels the
ravages of age.

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Phoenix of Habbakuk
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