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 Plague Knight of Morgion

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Plague Knight of Morgion

The Black Wind’s followers are legion, especially in
dark times of pestilence and sickness. They are seldom
organized, nor do they operate openly, but one
group of his diseased faithful constitutes the
exception to this rule. Wearing the
semblance of lepers or beggars
surrounded by vermin, the
plague knights of Morgion dispel
such thoughts when inspected
more closely. With rank breath
and a corroded steel blade
drawn from under tattered
robes, a plague knight is one
of the deadliest threats in a
world that struggles under an
epidemic’s yoke.

Candidates for membership
in Morgion’s legion of
plague knights come from
any number of warrior
backgrounds, from evil
fighters and rangers to clerics
and rogues. Some of the more
dangerous plague knights
are also druids, corruptors of

NPC plague knights travel in groups with
minor adepts and disciples of Morgion, spreading
disease and fear in small communities and villages. PC
heroes may encounter them terrorizing a town, despoiling
a manor or estate, or even uncover a plot to infiltrate a
larger city with plague knights and their infected animal

Ex-Plague Knights of Morgion

A plague knight who abandons his faith or betrays the
tenets of the cult of Morgion loses all supernatural and
spell-like abilities including bonus spell progression until
he atones (see the atonement spell description in the
Player’s Handbook). In addition, all diseases that the plague
knight currently safely harbors immediately infect the
plague knight fully, and he suffers the effects
without an incubation period. He must
recover from these diseases as he normally

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Plague Knight of Morgion
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