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 Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith

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PostSubject: Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith   Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:42 pm

Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith

The Sword of Justice’s greatest
champions are paladins and leaders
of men, but it is the righteous
cohort that is most beloved of
Kiri-Jolith. The righteous cohort
is sent to the front lines of
the battle against evil and
chaos, a sergeant steeled by
experience in battle and
girded with the faith of her
deity. As officiating priests
in their own right,
the righteous cohorts
represent their god’s
focus on camaraderie,
obedience, brotherhood,
and unswerving loyalty
to the cause of Light.
Wherever there is a strong and
just knight or general leading his
soldiers to war, there is a chance that
among the troops a righteous cohort is rallying the spirit
and morale of the unit.

Most righteous cohorts are clerics or fighter/clerics.
Some are paladins, eschewing their traditional roles
as leaders and singular heroes to join the ranks of the
soldiers. Most other classes are too undisciplined, too
individual, or simply unsuited for the life of a righteous

NPC righteous cohorts are found whenever Kiri-Jolith’s
faith is active on Krynn, dispatched by the Holy Order to
foster teamwork and discipline among the ranks of such
groups as the Knights of Solamnia or the armies of Ergoth.
High-level righteous cohorts often serve as mentors and
trainers in larger encampments or fortresses, bringing the
true faith of their god to the men and women who serve in
Krynn’s armies.

Ex-Righteous Cohorts of Kiri-Jolith

Righteous cohorts are expected to remain
steady and determined in the face of danger,
and never abandon their comrades to the
enemy. A righteous cohort who abandons
her faith in Kiri-Jolith, her good alignment,
or her companions immediately loses all
supernatural class features, including bonus
spells per day, and may no longer advance
as a righteous cohort of Kiri-Jolith until she
atones (see the atonement spell description
in the Player’s Handbook).

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

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Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith
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