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 Seawolf of Zeboim

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Seawolf of Zeboim

As unpredictable and violent as their
goddess, the seawolves of Zeboim are a
semi-organized cult of priests who, along
with savage pirates and ruthless bandits,
strike at coastal regions seeking to bring
the wrath of the Sea Queen upon Ansalon’s
shores. Like many of her clerics, Zeboim’s
seawolves are skilled sailors and mariners,
using the gifts their goddess has granted
them to raid, pillage, and uproot settlements
and send ships and other vessels to the
bottom of Zeboim’s domain.

A candidate for the seawolves is often
a barbarian, fighter, or mariner, as well as a
cleric, for these classes afford the seawolves many abilities
that complement those they gain from this class. The
occasional druid or ranger becomes a seawolf, but most
other classes are unsuitable.

NPC seawolves travel in raiding bands with nonspellcasting
raiders and pirates, who typically serve as the
seawolves’ followers. Player characters will almost certainly
draw the wrath of the cult if they act in opposition to
Zeboim, especially at sea. Threats and warnings, the better
to stir up fear and panic in seaside communities often
herald an attack by seawolves.

Ex-Seawolves of Zeboim

A seawolf of Zeboim seldom leaves the cult, relishing the
raider lifestyle and the gifts her patron deity has given
her. If she does change alignment or act in opposition to
her cult’s tenets, she immediately loses all class abilities
including bonus spell progression and rage, and may
no longer advance as a seawolf until she atones (see the
atonement spell description in the Player’s Handbook).

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

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Seawolf of Zeboim
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