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 Soulbroker of Hiddukel

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Soulbroker of Hiddukel

Most insidious of all the agents of Evil, the soulbroker
of Hiddukel is charged with the corruption of mortals
through dark pacts and ill-made choices. He strikes deals
with others, offering his services and benefits, gaining
power over his clients in the process. Soulbrokers often
masquerade as merchants or courtly advisors, using
mundane deals to cover their foul work. As they gather
more and more indebted souls for Hiddukel, their own
personal wealth and influence also grows, elevating them
to power.

All soulbrokers are either clerics or multiclassed clerics
of Hiddukel with the Treachery domain, choosing to
accentuate their divine spells with the skills of the rogue,
noble, or even wizard. Of course, no soulbroker would ever
pass the Test of High Sorcery, so they remain dabblers in
such arts.

NPC soulbrokers are almost always disguised or
living two lives, often right under the watchful eyes of the
authorities and in mockery of those faithful to Shinare,
Reorx, or Majere. A soulbroker might be found working
in concert with renegade wizards, corrupt nobles, or even
fallen clerics posing as true priests. They are all too often
the power behind the throne.

Ex-Soulbrokers of Hiddukel

Although the lure of power keeps many soulbrokers of
Hiddukel in the greedy throng of Hiddukel’s cult, feelings
of guilt or remorse occasionally lead an individual to
abandon or reject the tenets of the Broken Scale. A
soulbroker who does so, or who changes to an alignment
other than chaotic evil or neutral evil, immediately loses
all supernatural benefits and bonus spell progression, and
may no longer advance as a soulbroker until he atones (see
the atonement spell description in the Player’s Handbook).
A soulbroker who loses his divinely granted powers in
such a manner also finds that any established pacts he has
are broken, and all signatories are freed from his power.

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Soulbroker of Hiddukel
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