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 Wild Fury Of Chislev

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Wild Fury Of Chislev

Chislev is nature incarnate, and her priests and priestesses
embrace all aspects of her realm in their role as Krynn’s
custodians, protectors, and defenders. When nature is
threatened or despoiled, Chislev relies on her wild furies
to seek out and respond to these assaults. Wild furies
draw upon the Goddess of Nature’s bestial power, taking
the forms of wild animals, plants, and even elementals.
They allow their awakened minds to become submerged
beneath feral urges, deadly opponents of any interloper in
the deeper reaches of the forests, plains, hills, and deserts.
Because of the specific requirements, most wild furies
are druids. Multiclassed druid/rangers, druid/barbarians,
and even druid/clerics make good candidates, providing
improved combat power. Few if any wild furies possess
levels in arcane spellcaster classes.

NPC wild furies can be opponents of unsuspecting
heroes, or allies in the battle against evil. Their goddess
does not discriminate, and neither do they, so they rarely
form permanent bonds with other groups.

Ex-Wild Furies of Chislev

A wild fury of Chislev who causes harm to the wilderness
and betrays the oaths she makes to Chislev, or who changes
to a non-neutral alignment, loses all supernatural and
spell-like abilities, including bonus spell progression and
wild shape abilities, until she atones for her actions (see
the atonement spell description in the Player’s Handbook).
Wild furies that have returned to the fold after such a
transgression are not singled out for further recrimination
or punishment – they are needed, and as such welcomed
among their companions.

Avatars Played:


Hiddukel - The Prince of Lies

Chemosh - The Lord of Bones

"DM says your going to die! Roll a d6!"

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Wild Fury Of Chislev
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