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 Pacts, Agreements and Oaths

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PostSubject: Pacts, Agreements and Oaths   Pacts, Agreements and Oaths I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 4:31 pm

Pacts, Agreements and Oaths

The struggle to influence, instruct, or control mortal souls
is the primary source of conflict among the heavens. The
All-Saints War was fought over it, and the High God
demanded the institution of the greatest of holy laws to
prevent its like from happening again. These laws defined
the nature of the universe and led to the establishment of
the three creeds: good redeems its own, evil feeds upon
itself, and to all things there must be a balance. The souls
of mortals were given the joys of life by the Gods of Light,
the pain of suffering by the Gods of Darkness, and free will
by the Gods of Balance, and then left to choose their own
path. Chaos provided one final gift, the promise of random
action and turmoil, against which all the gods now align
themselves in one way or another.
In all of creation, the most prized of these gifts is free
will, the power to do as one wishes and the ability to make
choices. Surprising as it may seem, the gods and other
supernatural forces do not possess this gift naturally, as
they are either bound by cosmic laws or simply do not
have it within themselves to act against their core natures.
While the appearance of free will and self-determination
can be manufactured, it is this sacred quality possessed
by mortals that makes them such a vital and substantially
significant component of the theology and cosmology of

Because of the desire of the universe to adhere to
Order, all pacts and oaths made by the Gods of Krynn are
binding. It is impossible for a god to go back upon an oath
made to another god or indeed to a mortal without first
finding some loophole, clause, or means of annulling that
oath. To act against an oath is to act against the High God,
something even the Gods of Evil are loath to do. This only
makes their wickedness more desperate and insidious, for
their base desires for ruin and the subjugation of mortal
souls become an undercurrent which all souls struggle

The Gods of Evil were the first to realize that, if a
mortal chooses, she may surrender her free will to her
god and thereby gain power of her own. In the process,
the god gains a measure of influence within the mortal
world it would not otherwise possess and is strengthened
and bolstered by it. All gods now understand that this
surrender, this alignment and service of a mortal soul to
a god, is the truest of covenants and a measure of a god’s
might. Even so, the power of choice remains within a
mortal—to deny her god and take another path. Although
the consequences can be dire, there is no greater example
of the power of a mortal’s free will.
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Pacts, Agreements and Oaths
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