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PostSubject: Dani'striana Kallow - Consulting   Dani'striana Kallow - Consulting I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2012 3:22 pm

The young woman stood before the ruined statue. She looked up and vowed to replace it. "This will be mine one day" she swore. "I have heard of your followers making a mess of things in Caergoth. One has even managed to get himself captured. Perhaps more of them. Do you wish him released my Queen? I shall find a way if this is your plan. In all things I seek your guidance, as always. You have yet to lead me astray and your will is my command. I will wait for your call my Queen."

With that she put on her helm and went to bring more souls to the river that called them. The Lord of Bones would be seeing an influx with her arrival to the area. Any that stood in her way, in the Queen's way, would fall to her. She strode forth with purpose and faith.. in all things.
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Dani'striana Kallow - Consulting
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