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 A Bard's Song

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PostSubject: A Bard's Song   A Bard's Song I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 9:54 pm

A young bard Elf Sets up near the fire place of the inn of the last home. She takes out her hard and starts to play a slow almost sad music. The Flames in the Fire place start to take shape as she begins to sing.....

Flight of Dragon....Sore in the purple light ... In the Sky or in my Mind!
(Fames from the fire take shapes of dragons and start to fly in the room)

Flight Of Dragon....Sail pass reality...leaving illusions behind
(The tiny flame Dragons fly around in a small group as she keeps singing)

Is it the pass I see? ....When I look into the heavens.....believing in the magic.... I know could never be.... I want to go where they are going....Into the world they been......Can I open my mind enough  to See?
(the Small fire dragons rest on the floor and appear to be sleeping)

Flight of Dragon......Heavenly....agrees... Catch the wind .. Rise out of sight!
( The Small dragons awake and take flight again)

Flight of Dragons....Fly us a Fantasy.... In the sky or..... in ......mind ....

Flight of Dragons.....

(The fire dragons start to fly back into the fire place)


(She plays a few more notes and the song ends)
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A Bard's Song
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