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PostSubject: To the Players    To the Players  I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2012 9:59 am

Players, we value and greatly appreciate your input and please do not be afraid to voice ANY opinions what so ever whether it be good or bad. We just ask that you keep it respectful as we would for you. If you do not like the way things are done, please talk to us about it, but respectfully. Disrespect to the staff and especially other players is not acceptable. We can speak about issues like adults, can't we? If you are from another server. PLEASE consider that this is NOT that server and things are done differently. There is not two servers out there that are just alike. Respect the structures and rules set here just as you would those servers. They are there for a reason. Just like with anything that is being built on or progressing, more rules may and will be implemented, be considerate of that as well. PLEASE do not log on here just to try and recruit for another server just because you are upset at someone or a staff member! That is just like going to someone else s party and telling the people there. "Hey, I know where a better party is, let's go" Not only is that disrespectful, but completely immature as well. You WILL be banned for this, no questions asked. We also ask that another player from this server does not do the same thing... Why would we want to do it to others if we don't want it done to us? Now, on the other hand, if a player states something like "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know another server I can try out? Something new and different?" Then by all means sent them our way... But don't force it upon them or try to coax... That is unfair to more people than just them. Another thing, communication... This has also went for the DM's as well, but you fall under this too. If you have an issue with something do not let it simmer, talk about it. If you have a plan for your toon and plan for it to evolve to great rp, talk about it. If you feel things should be done differently please feel free to talk about it and your words will be considered, that's a promise. Also, to go in hand with the communication... PVP.... It has become a growing issue... So it will be repeated here... SEND A MESSAGE TO THE PLAYER BEFORE PVP. NOT EVERYONE LIKES TO PVP. THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE NOT GOOD OR WORRIED ABOUT MAKING A PVP BUILD! NOT ALL BUILDS ARE MEANT FOR PVP!! BE CONSIDERATE PLEASE? As players we are here to enjoy ourselves and get away from the real world for a little bit, lets do just that. Not stress each other out over a game. Have fun! and enjoy amd we'll be right there to help you out with that. Wink

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To the Players
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