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 The Pureharts, as recorded By Corwyn Tavis Purehart

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Corwyn Tavis Purehart
Corwyn Tavis Purehart

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The Pureharts, as recorded By Corwyn Tavis Purehart Empty
PostSubject: The Pureharts, as recorded By Corwyn Tavis Purehart   The Pureharts, as recorded By Corwyn Tavis Purehart I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 12:49 am

Corwyn, the name means Friend of the Hart, apropriate for a member of the Purehart bloodline.

For years i studied the ways of Kiri-Jolith, learnign that faith is a powerful tool. this path lead me right apon my fathers, right to the knight hood. my father had been a squire in the knight hood all his adult life to my uncle Leo Purehart. His best friend Harald Dragonsbane was also a squire. the two of them fought galiantly at there masters sides.

one cold winter morning i was out on the porch when i saw him, Harald, in his new Knights armor coming towards my house with a grim look, knowing right than my father and uncle had fallen, not a word was needed, i just knew.

Harald had swaren to my father that he would take care of us, and before long was my step father, giving me a half sister as well. Trinity, Trinity Dragonsbane. growing up with her was not easy, but i tresured her some of the times she would be my squire in child hood games of knights and goblins. Harald was a good stepfather, steped down from the knight hood to stay close to the family and make sure he would be there to suport us. mother and him live on a farm on the outskirts of Palanthos to this day.

now a Knight of the Crown, i did my time as a Squire, i still feel as though i am not worthy. though i acomplished much as a squire with little guidance from the lack of mentors avalible is it really enough to prove myself worthy of this honor? is there anything to prove one worthy?. and now my sister, a squire herself, to whome i do not know. At least i can be there to guide her. Dispite our constant sibling disputes.

As a Knight i have taken it apon myself to be a good Suplier of weapons and armor to the Knight hood. I have offered my services to the knights for free. I do make good money selling to those who seek me out, but i make sure all that money goes to the temple of light and the needy.

Of late I have found a vain of the legandary Dragon Metal, i now have mastered the craftsmanship necesary for makeing armor out of this fantastic metal. and have been somwhat sucsessful with makeing some weapons.
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The Pureharts, as recorded By Corwyn Tavis Purehart
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