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 A new storm

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PostSubject: A new storm   A new storm I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 5:01 am

He returns to Newports in dissaray his very essence still sore from his encounter. As he walks around he invokes the winds to blow more and as in response to his moody disposition the clouds above grow thicker and darker. He walks to the center of the town where Zeboims statue stands. Taking his trident he slams the bottom into the ground and uses his powers to channel lightning from it to the clouds above. Thunder can be heard rumbling now from the skies. Onany normal day it would have produced a fine rain, but with the air chilly as if in Icereach the ground is hit with sleet. With water around him he begins to relax, to think and recall all that had transpired today.

He will not be landlocked he will not be possessed his soul desire is to be free to traverse with the birds in the skies and the fish in the seas, to transform into a panther and hunt with his loyal companion together. As his very essence was being manipulated and tested by the Devouring Dark those images and emotions would have been foremost in his mind. Hearing the cries of birds above the worst of the storm seems to dissipate in reflection of the druids settling calm. With a bounding leap he jumps upon one of the ice pillars that from around the statue then he looks towards the sea. He has no chaperone for now and he intends to take full advantage. With these thoughts in mind he takes to the skies.


List of Alter Egos:

Crystal Storm-Master of Palanthas Tower, Half-dragon Servant of the Dark Queen
Zhai Nor lion- Wings Delivery Girl, Blacksmith , Enchantress, has no concept for speed limits
Mixtli- Lightning Obsessed Madman, Tree-hugging Whiterobe
Lassie- Domesticated Gnoll, Loves to play "Fetch"

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A new storm
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