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 Brothers and Sisters of the Song

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PostSubject: Brothers and Sisters of the Song   Brothers and Sisters of the Song I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2012 3:09 am

*postings and leaflets are scattered about in seemingly unending quantities to every tavern, inn or edifice where one could entertain an audience*

Fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Song, too long has our presence taken a background role in the events of this land, it's epics unwritten, it's battles for our very livelihood unrecorded and subject to campfire tales told by those who heard it from someone else. This is a call for unification, be you a bard, minstrel, storyteller, juggler, performance artist, actor or actress. We must become more than a ragtag smattering of singular performers eking out a passable existence as paltry song peddlers for a handful of coins. We must become an institution that aspires to do justice to the tales of this land, our home. We must be willing to do our part inspiring our allies in the very battles that keep our speech free. It is said that those who cannot fight with weapons can still die by them, music is a weapon, our weapon. It is our privilege to use it, our talent, our spirit. Wield it with me to assure our place in this land is cemented in the annals of history. If my passion for our plight moves you, join me in Caergoth at the Wine Song Theater and let your voice be heard.

*the posting is hand-signed in flowing script*
Yours always in song,
Nolee Crimson, Muse of Snow

Nolee Crimson - a.k.a. The Little Red Dancer, if you're watching her... it's already too late....
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PostSubject: Re: Brothers and Sisters of the Song   Brothers and Sisters of the Song I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2012 9:15 am

Perin reads what has been posted at the Solace Inn and a big grin spreads across his face.

"Time tah show these long-shanks how to pump themselves up."

Perin brings out his drum and strikes it aggressively as if it resembles a calvary charge as the front line into battle during a thunder storm. When finished, Perin looked about the Inn to see a mixture of responses. Some were more energetic and brought to life, some looked at Perin questioningly, while others wanted nothing more than for Perin to leave what used to be a more peaceful atmosphere.

Perin frowns as there is not a single clap for his lively performance for the people. "Perhaps this Bard writing here be right. Need to collaborate." Perin walks out of the inn and heads for the Wine Song Theater in Caergoth as if he were making a charge into battle.
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Brothers and Sisters of the Song
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