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 A Druid's Strife

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PostSubject: A Druid's Strife   A Druid's Strife I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 12:35 am

The large panther exits from the wagon and enters into a side crack in the wall for Newports. Sniffing the air he looks around always seeming to be looking for something that may not be there. He sees the figure in black armor outside but pays her no heed, she has her own business to see to and it doesn't concern him. He makes his rounds of the port town under his watch. His ears seem to perk up as though he is hearing a voice, this would be one that he has heard on many occasions but not to those that lack the faith to hear or sense it. She is summoning is expected he has much to speak of.

The cat steps behind a building and turns back into his own familiar for, he stretches his wings again as to reassure himself they are still there, an odd aftereffect of taking animal shape. he draws out his trident and makes his way to the center of town where the ice image of his goddess stands, in cold perfection, modeled after her very image. He never tires of seeing it. Taking a deep breath he kneels in the snow before the fountain and makes his offering, this of course being in abundance of his daily offerings.

He readies his mind and listens to the wind blow and the waves crash upon the shore, he channels out all other sounds of people, animals, all that matters is the sound of the wind as it carries her voice to him. She speaks in an insulted voice to hear of his latest actions and almost doesn't wait for his answer, but knowing her nature this doesn't faze the druid for he is confident she will be most happy of his other news. With his mind, his souls he communes to the wind, the air and shares his tale. He feels an unusual calm...meaning she is pleased but still not content. The Lady of the Sea can never be so but he tries, as is his goal.

He nods as he receives his new orders. This will not be easy, but life rarely is. His duty is understood, he will do as he is meant to do, for Newports, for his future, but most of all...For Zeboim.


List of Alter Egos:

Crystal Storm-Master of Palanthas Tower, Half-dragon Servant of the Dark Queen
Zhai Nor lion- Wings Delivery Girl, Blacksmith , Enchantress, has no concept for speed limits
Mixtli- Lightning Obsessed Madman, Tree-hugging Whiterobe
Lassie- Domesticated Gnoll, Loves to play "Fetch"

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A Druid's Strife
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