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 Corwyn returns to Ice Reach

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Corwyn Tavis Purehart
Corwyn Tavis Purehart

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Corwyn returns to Ice Reach Empty
PostSubject: Corwyn returns to Ice Reach   Corwyn returns to Ice Reach I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2012 1:27 am

while in Ice Reach the first time i noticed the party got lost many times and seperated, also that there were many beasts and monsters on the roads that could potentialy assult the near by solamnic outpost. I had returned there to patrol, i actualy found the cold rather refreshing, maybe one day i will build a home there. I started my patrols and all was quite, only the sound of the wind wipping acros the glacier. After several hours of patrolling i came across a band of Arctic Bugbears, there was no reasoning with them, there attack was imediate and a great loss of life on there part. at one point the weather got so bad that i ducked into a cave, it was cold still but i could at least see with shelter from the drifting snow. little did i Expect i had found a Dragons Den. four Ancheint White Dragons whom were vary much awake lurked in this cave. There icy breath could not cut through my defences, although i will admit they did toss me around good a few times. in the end i had bested all four.

Severl hours later i was out on the pack ice again and discovered another cave, i thought i would go in and make camp for the night to continue my partol the next morning, to my suprise it was yet another Dragons Den, with four more of the ancient worms. again i came out on top, by this time though i figured my luck was at its end for the day, I marked thes locations on my maps, and used my magic book to return to Polanthos
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Corwyn returns to Ice Reach
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