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 Liberation of a dark servant to Mortals

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Liberation of a dark servant to Mortals Empty
PostSubject: Liberation of a dark servant to Mortals   Liberation of a dark servant to Mortals I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 1:05 am

Mixtli looks up into the sky and frowns to see the constellation of the Dragon gone. Unnatural he thinks...and the voice that followed with conviction of being freed.. It is well known the Dark Queen is imprisoned in the Abyss...and hearing a man saying he would go to the abyss followed by a was not going to do at all. He knows all to well the horrors that lay in the abyss and they are things he is glad to not have to deal with daily, unlike his other relatives he never wishes to see.

He speaks his concerns with a woman that wanders much she says, she asks what can be done. In the druids mind it is simple, if it is one man causing the threat then eliminate the man. Permanently. But can others do his work instead? This Mixtli does not know. But there is a simpler way. Much simpler.

The Nightmare lands have drawn much corruption and evil within the once beautiful woods and cities. Mixtli has flown over these and on a few occasions ventured to the Abyss via a rather rare sight ...a Nightmare, a black horse from the lands of the abyss with a mane and hooves of fire. It is a creature of pure evil not caring whom it may hurt, the fact it has remained in Silvenesti so long speaks well of the lands very corruption. It has also been know to give people rides upon its back if offered one of its favorite plants: nightshade. It would take people to the entrance of the abyss but no further. For the same "payment" it would also take a person back to the area it would often graze at for the prized nightshade berries it seemed to desire. If the beast was gone easy way to abyss..and the nightmare would also not be treated like a horse of some soldier or traveler.

He makes his way to the nightmare lands of Silvenesti and passes through the swamps until he spots the creature. He takes a moment to admire the beast, both dangerous but deadly, with their flaming breath and hooves nightmares are ones to fear and respect. Mixtli approaches with the typical offering of nightshade berries but as the mare looks to him and motions for him to get on he shakes his head and speaks.

"it is not transport I seek Noble one of the Abyss, but to see you treated more fair than this. Why allow such two legged fools to ride you as though you were a captive bred dray animal. For mere snippets of food? "

He speaks more to the beast before it finally looks to him and seems to communicate back. The nostrils on the creature flare wide and flames engulf the small area it stands upon. To anyone else it would sound as though it were an angry horse, bot to one of nature even one of a dark past as Mixtli can understand him perfectly. Words are exchanged between the two before sparks are seen flying and the nightmare takes off into the sky.

He looks up to the sky seeing the creature quickly fade into the dark. This may or may not stop the fool on his errand but it would keep out other fools and allow the creature to move on if nothing else. At least the nightmare was free of this odd life.


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Liberation of a dark servant to Mortals
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