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 Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)

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PostSubject: Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)   Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:19 am

Hello. I am new both to the server and to the forums. Let me start off by saying that I am finding the server very fun. The DM (Gods) interaction and participation levels are GREAT!! I have been in server for about a week now and have actually recieved XP for what i think was good roll play and have been part of a DM run event and i loved it.
Having read a very good part of the DragonLance series by Wies and Hickman, it is good to see someone's vision of the places I've read about. I have gotten myself lost on several occasions, but have found my way using general directions from the Ok im near town x i need to go south and east to get to solace.
Now here's the bummer part. I understand that the server is growing. Trust me i DMed and help build a krynn server some time back and I know that the work load is tremendous, so i know there are going to be some flaws. I also know that it is helpfull to get feedback and assistance from the players to get these flaws fixed.
So far I have found a few transitions that don't work. Some placeables that don't make sence and venders that don't have stores. Now like i said i know the server is growing and some of these things may be fixed in time. Below are a list of broken transitions that i have found.
Area Qualinesti Woods North broken trans called To White Rage Cut
Area Qualinost City South West broken trans on the east side of map
Area Qualinost City North West broken trans on the east side of map
( i assume the last two may go to the eastern part of the city, Can't wait to see the palace *grin*)

The crafting system in my humble opinion needs a little work.
I have gone as far as i can go with gem cutting, as i have not been able to find a deposit of emerald (Still looking) and i was a little disappointed by the outcome of the harder items. I feel, and again this is only my opinion, that the harder an item is to make the better the reward. I did like the diversity but i feel that the rewards should match the work. I loved the rings and i was drooling to make a necklace and then when i made my first amulet i was like wtf. Actually my words were "Well that sucks." I won't go into details and spoil it for anyone else, but as far as a cost standpoint it would be more profitable to sell off the jems rather than attempt to make the low powered items the higher gems(and ore) are used to make.
Being a lone mage,(not many are on during the night when i play) I figured i would suppliment my income from adventuring with a side job and get some of those goodies i see in the store. I didn't mind the time and effort i spent honing my skills.
I know that this is not a forgotten realms server where magic items are a dime a dozen, but i was sort of hoping to see that copper dex ring of +1 become a +2 with a higher ore +3 with a better cut stone and so on as i progressed in my skill. I was a little dismayed about that Amulet i made with 10/- resistance to a type of damage made with the highest grade stone i could cut. WIth all of the great looking rings and amulets added in by CEP, it would have been great to see some of those rings used in the crafting system. The way it stands its easier to go kill and loot and buy items off the shelf of one of the many shops that abound. The server i helpe build made the crafting system almost neccessary to get good items. All of the best items were made by the players themsleves via CNR( although a much earlier version ).
We had a potion crafting that was great. Players new what items were crafted and which were store bought just by looking at them and there was even an in game economy created by supply and demand of these items.
I do love the shops by the way, it seems like no two offers the exact same items.
I will leave off saying that i can see the amount of work that has gone into the server and i do appreaciate those that have built,scripted and participated in makeing such fun server.
-huntthewind aka Calur Bedwa Red Robe Mage
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PostSubject: Hey I'm new part 2   Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:37 am

Oh and please feel free to respond. I just thought i would put in my 2 cents and I'm sorry if i offended anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:54 am

The gem crafting system is actually next on my list, I was putting it off because to completely fix it 120 items have to be made with specific tags and paragraph scripts each. I've actually considered it being easier to create a robot to do it.
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PostSubject: Gem Crafting   Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:48 pm

Here are some ideas i had for crafting.
Copper No Enchantments just pretty jewelry
Bronze bonus +1 to stat dependant upon stone for jewelry or attack or enchantment bonus for weaps and armor
Silver bonus +2
Gold bonus +3
Platinum bonus +4/ low ap
Steel bonus +5/ mid ap * steel is the metal that is in highest demand on krynn, thus the most sought after
Steel & Silver bonus +6/ high ap * similar to Tanis's wedding band for jewelry
Steel & Gold 6/ high + low ap
Steel &Plat Same as steel & gold add regen +1
ap = added property
low light dependant upon metal or stone
mid 1 to save throws specific dependant upon stone or all
high bonus 2 to save throws or magic resistance bonus
(these are just ideas i don't think any one item should be overly powerfull)
I know this seems like a lot of variety and it is. It is also a lot of items and scripting i know, been there done that.

Racial limitations and mastery
Elves should make finest jewelryy and light armors up to scale or chain and bows of course
Dwarves should make the finest heavy armors and didn't they sorta horde the secret to working mithril?
Gnomes are the quintisential tinkers
Humans are well adapted to make all sorts of items but not the very best.
Im not sure Kenders would have the attention span needed to get very far in any specific task, although they find it almost a pleasure to pick a good lock, so i'm not sure what, if any limitations should be placed on kender crafters. If im right about the timeline an afflicted kender doesn't exist yet.

I have yet to see anything relating to the Scribing craft but would love to clerics mages and bards should top this list.
I have seen an herbalist's tool but haven't explored that yet. I'm hoping that this skill could lead to potion making.

Gem crafting
Cut stones make jewelry no enchants
Fine stones make finer quality jewelery
Enchanted stones make enchanted items * Spell casters should be able to cast appropriate spell to enchant stones not wisdom based
Necklaces no stones = no enchantment
Scarabs Double the stone should mean double the enchantment? (Dunno about this one)
Amulets should use more metal than a ring or a necklace
An idea for the higher amulets like a jem encrusted amulet that gives bonuses to each stat maybe? (Just a thought sort of like the Luck Stone)

All of this is dependant upon your ideas about how powerfull you want to make crafting and crafted items. I have seen up to +5 enchantments on items that i was looking for and they are fairly easy to come by. Although from a players stand point this is not a bad thing but as far as staying true to the world it may be. I don't feel that highly enchanted items should be so easy to come by. Not saying stick them where they will be accessable but some towns were known for higher quality merchandise like Palanthas per say. While Solace was basically a hub a cross road for travelers and merchants alike im sure a few finer items may wind up there, but not at every vender. I do like that yall are vendor specific to a point. This vendor sells only this type of goods and should only by that type of goods as well as common trade value good like gems and what not. I agree that a mage store shouldn't be buying up armors, what use would a mage have for armors. Well i think you get the idea. I would love to discuss this if you want to bounce ideas back and forth. As i explore the other crafting skills i could expand on these ideas.

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PostSubject: Re: Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)   Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:01 pm

Some fine idea's. I made notes of them so when the jewelry worked on.
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PostSubject: Crafting   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:16 pm

Don't forget guys...he said he could script Smile


PS: Some very fine ideas there "hunthewind" Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)   Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:25 am

No I'm no scripter. I built areas following maps i found. The only scripting i did was modifying what was already made to suit my purpose. But thanks for the vote of confidence. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)   

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Hey i'm new. (Calur Bedwa)
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