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 Mina - Goddess of Tears

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Goddess of Tears
Lesser deity
Symbol: Amber teardrop
Celestial symbol: None
Home Plane: Ethereal plane/Krynn
Alignment: Neutral good or neutral evil
Portfolio: Grief, loss, mortality
Worshippers: The desperate and the abandoned; grief shattered; those feeling trapped, suicidal;those who have lost all hope.
Colours: Black, purple, yellow

Mina is the daughter of Paladine and Mishakal, born at the creation of the world but hidden away to prevent the balance being disturbed. Found by Takhisis, she was tricked into believing she was mortal, so knows the pain and grief mortals can experience.
She brings comfort in the face of sorrow, yet she is a reminder to the grieving that their pain is real and a necessary part of mortal existence.
She has NO clerics. Preferring to manifest herself when appealed to usually in the form of a girl child or a warrior woman. The aspect is always characterised by red hair and amber eyes.
She has no temples but rather wayside shrines and she listens to all those who pray to her no matter what their alignment.
Although she will not usually direct her godly powers against mortals, she is not above altering circumstances to suit those who might support her cause.
She is respected and supported by the gods of Light, and the Neurtal gods accept her presence. Chemosh opposes her.
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Mina - Goddess of Tears
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