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 Mercer moves to Caergoth.

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Mercer moves to Caergoth. Empty
PostSubject: Mercer moves to Caergoth.   Mercer moves to Caergoth. I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 12:57 pm

Every passing day, every letter he received was another indicator to Mercer that he should depart from Palanthas Tower where he has been in hiding while his wounds on the mend. The wounds had not fully healed yet, but he knew that the time had come to be available to those who needed him. With the assistance of Enelya, who had barely left his side, he made his way to Caergoth. Unless Mercer was needed at the tower, there was but only two places he would go; the Temple of Light and the Caergoth Theater. The Temple of Light had healers of Mishakel who assisted him, and the Theater was where Enelya would perform, and Mercer would not miss a single performance.

But all was not well with Mercer, and some individuals took notice. His wounds bothered him, though relief from Bardic and Priest healing was heaven for him. But that was not the main issue. For when the night had covered throughout the land bidding most creatures goodnight, a light could be seen at times through the crack of a door located from an otherwise poorly lit back hallway. Mercer was at work, but with what? There was a reason why Mercer said no to leading the tower. He needed to concentrate. He needed to not be bothered whenever possible. And now that the tower considers him weak and helpless, they may not bother him at all. Working long nights, night after night, he had Enelya for true company along with his tea and baked goods to keep him energized as long as possible before he needed to rest. This item he possessed was of great importance, and he must solve it. Time will tell if he will succeed.


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Mercer moves to Caergoth.
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