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 Changing of the Seasons?

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PostSubject: Changing of the Seasons?   Changing of the Seasons? I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 3:03 am

Winter had long passed in Newports but for months the snow and ice had seemed to have stayed. At least until now. The residents of Newports could be heard talking happily of the lack of a biting wind...but quickly lower their voices as they may walk by a brooding winged figure deep in pray by the ice statue of Zeboim. Much snow was still upon the grounds, but it is slowly melting day by day. As he finishes up his devotions to his goddess, Mixtli looks up at the sky and then around at his surroundings. He recalls the words spoken to the mage Elra and then he frowns after thinking of the message delivered to him by one of Chislev's druids. Too much attention had been drawn to Newports, and not the kind he wished for. After much deliberation the ice guards had been dismissed from their roaming duties of the port town, but Mixtli had found another purpose for them, just none that anyone had seen yet.

He stands up and begins making his way around the town avoiding all contact with anyone he may see, he needs the walk to clear his mind. Friends are missing, or so it seems. New enemies..or allies are filling their ranks, and the so called leader of these "knights" is said to be the very mortal son of his the winds and seas...if this is true...what if he is asked to help..can he refuse? And what of the landlubber druids crying of the unbalance of the seasons..he could care less of their complaints but to harm the ground beneath his very feet...Mixtli shakes his head at the turmoil of thoughts and emotions as they build inside of him. What was supposed to be simple has turned from rain to maelstrom, with himself at the center.

As he walks he can be seen beginning to grin, a new thought emerges in his head....maybe that is what it is he thinks...with a new flood of ideas and emotions consuming his attention now MIxtli heads to the docks and soon takes flight over the waters as he heads out. An old sailor seeing this begins to smile himself and soon heads into the dancing yeti to inform the rest of his crew the dark cloud has been seen in high spirits. The other patrons cheer and order more drinks, they could care little of what makes the demon of the sea happy for as long as it means calm waters and fast winds for their own journeys.


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Changing of the Seasons?
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