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 Shrouded in darkness

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PostSubject: Shrouded in darkness   Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:36 pm

So, since I have been here I've noticed something. I can understand in the more shadey towns(like flotsam and places like that) But even in some of the more light-influenced towns like Caergoth and even to an extent palanthas that there is a distinct absense of light in them. It's kind of hard to navigate around the docks area of caergoth at night because there's really not much light there, and in the middle of the city there is the temple of light and it's still pretty dark there, too. I wonder, as a kind of newbie, if we could get some more in towns like Caergoth and Palanthas and other smaller towns, too. It'd be really helpful.


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Shrouded in darkness
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