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 Kelek, and the reasons he is known as the Dark

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Kelek, and the reasons he is known as the Dark Empty
PostSubject: Kelek, and the reasons he is known as the Dark   Kelek, and the reasons he is known as the Dark I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 2:12 am

* In the time before the Dragon Wars, families did as they used to do. Families sat around a hearth fire at night Fathers toyed around with their children and mothers would moan about how the father played and how wild the children would become. In a similar family Kelek grew up. He was a sickly child to start but overcame that, but he would never physically improve. Like good families do, they scrimped and saved to put Kelek in school. While studying at the Solace Magi School, Kelek found a book hidden in the shelves. The Topic of the Book was anatomy and its affect on life. This book became an obsession. Kelek through out school studied all this and then began practicing on animals. As he studied the anatomy of animals he began to realize that they fight so hard just before the final moment. And, now the day of his Test came on him. A few years prior to the War, Raistlin had just pasted his test and the following year Kelek came to take his. Through out the Test he was tempted by this and that. Power, insight, and pure happenstance, but the Power of life over death was his study and it was what proved to be his calling. Kelek took the black robes, and through his studies and progress he stumbled on many things along the way. One such experiment he under took cursed his arm to be disfigured ... well not disfigured but, stripped of its skin. Kelek took this in stride, but many over the years poked fun of it and chastised him for it he began too hide it under an over coat and a glove.

Deeper into his studies he went, he applied to a powerful mage residing in Tarsis but moved back to the Tower as a deal could not be reached. Having no master proved useful in many ways for Kelek was allowed time to study on his own. Kelek realized that events on the outside of the Tower were getting out of control and emerged from the Tower to see for himself. Once outside he realized many things had changed since he had gone to school and began his studies.

After having saw the outside world Kelek thought more of holding a position of power. Now was the Time to seek power as age was catching up to him. And so Kelek issued his challenge to Iron Dimsword to gain a seat at the council. At 42 years of age not overly strong barely able to dodge a fly Kelek decided to take all he has studied over time to gain a seat at the conclave.

Once he issed his challenge he met others of the conclave as well and was admitted to the Tower of one of the council while still seeking a audience with Crystal of the Palanthus Tower Kelek studied further adn with the lab of Archmagus Kaitlynn Kelek studied furhter into his obsetion. The moment that final moment when the soul grasps so hard to hte body just beffore death. That moment would make or break Kelek he realized, for in that moment age, health and all the things that make the liveing work did not matter, that moment was when the soul fought so very hard to keep its home. A battle field unlike any the world has seen, a battle of will, a struggle for survival. This battle would define Kelek as he had already survived it.*

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Kelek the Dark - Lich servant of Chemosh
Derek Wolfe - Desert Stalker
Kaylock - Healing Hand of Mishkal
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Kelek, and the reasons he is known as the Dark
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