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 The Duel for Caergoth: Lord Tarence vs. Lord Ariakan

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The Duel for Caergoth: Lord Tarence vs. Lord Ariakan Empty
PostSubject: The Duel for Caergoth: Lord Tarence vs. Lord Ariakan   The Duel for Caergoth: Lord Tarence vs. Lord Ariakan I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2012 2:56 pm

Night began to settle upon the lands of Caergoth. Death was in the air, and the horror of battle was bursting through all the senses. The battle scene east of Caergoth became hauntingly quiet. The Dragon Armies second attempt on taking over Caergoth had failed. The wounded were taken to the Temple of Light, and what was left of the warriors who could still stand and fight were standing at the ready upon the walls of Caergoth for their enemy’s third attempt to take over the city.

But it did not come. Just an unbearable, eerie silence took over the land where the battle took place. Lord Tarence made his rounds around the inner walls to insure the defenses were sound. Regardless of his inner feelings, he would not allow his outward expressions to show any sign of weakness to those defending Caergoth. Finally, he made his way back to the Temple of Light to discuss the defenses of Caergoth with his allies.

Then, one of the Knights of the Crown came before the group as they were discussing possible actions in Caergoth’s defense. The Crown Knight stood at attention and saluted as he waited for permission to speak. Lord Tarence looked over at the Crown Knight and put a halt to the conversation that was taking place.

“Sir Knight, what is it you wish to report?” Lord Tarence returns the salute.

The Crown Knight looks directly at Lord Tarence. “My Lord, the Armies of Takhisis have come for a third time. But they do not come by force. My Lord, they await your response.”

Lord Tarence looks to the others present for a moment, then back to the Crown Knight. “What is their proposal Sir Knight?”

“My Lord, they seek to have this battle settled once and for all with a duel between two champions, one from each side. They await your chosen Champion my Lord.”

“Is it known whom they have chosen as their Champion Sir Knight?”

The Crown Knight pauses for a moment before speaking. Then the Knight takes a deep breath and makes his final statement to Lord Tarence. “My Lord, it will be the son of Zeboim. Lord Ariakan.”

After the Crown Knight formally departs, the group with Lord Tarence stands in silence for a time. Lord Tarence breaks the silence and selects a few warriors of the Light to accompany him without making his final decision on the Light’s Champion.

The group makes their way outside of Caergoth and then came face to face with their foes. Both sides stare at one another in mere silence until Commander Talash speaks. “Lord Tarence, we have chosen our Champion.” Commander Talash gestures to where Lord Ariakan is standing. “Who will you choose to face him?”

Lord Tarence looks back at his fellow warriors, but no decision could he make. Eventually, he looks at Elhonna, a priestess of Mishakel, and gestures for her to come to his side. Once she is near, Lord Tarence whispers to Elhonna alone. “Elhonna, I will not call for anyone but myself to suffer anymore bloodshed. Do you have faith in me my love?”

“I believe in you my Lord.” Elhonna replies as she looks to him with compassion.

Lord Tarence bows his head reverently to Elhonna, and then expresses his love to her without a single word spoken, for the emotions displayed upon his face were enough. He then turns to Commander Talash and speaks. “I will not have another of my warriors suffer anymore bloodshed. If anyone’s blood is to be spilt among the Light in this duel, it will be mine. I will be the Light’s Champion this day Commander Talash.”

The atmosphere changes in that moment. Lord Ariakan stands at the ready being tall and confident as ever. Once Lord Tarence makes his decision, the other followers of Takhisis join in on Lord Ariakan’s confidence.

Lord Tarence puts himself together and stands facing his foe. It was no secret. Lord Tarence knows well whom he is facing. Although fear would not take hold of him, he did not posses the confidence that Lord Ariakan was showing at that moment.

“On the count of three.” Stated Archmagus Kelek, who volunteered to administer the duel.

With Paladine’s blessing, Lord Tarence took in the inspiration of the Light.

“One!” Lord Ariakan stared down at Lord Tarence ready to split him in two.
“Two!” Once more, Lord Tarence looks to the Light for further inspiration, and finally looks to his opponent realizing the time has come.

The Champions charge full force at one another until each of their blades meets with the others.

Initially, both opponents seemed evenly matched. Lord Tarence kept his shield up to block Lord Ariakan’s strikes, and then Tarence made his move. With a swing of Lord Tarence’s sword, he was fortunate to barely draw first blood at Lord Ariakan’s flank. But Lord Ariakan would not give up that easily. The Knight of Takhisis struck full force toward Lord Tarence, and Lord Tarence once again held his shield high to oppose the oncoming strike.

It was inevitable. Lord Tarence braced himself. KRAABOOOOM!!!!!

Time, it seemed, slowed down. A multitude of thoughts rushed through Lord Tarence’s mind. But it was two thoughts that were the most persistent, his faith in Paladine and his love for Elhonna. It was those two connections that molded Lord Tarence, for it was faithfulness and love that were of uttermost importance for the Knights of Solamnia. It was then that it became clear to Lord Tarence that he was not alone. All of the fallen, all of the living, mortals and immortals, all of the Light was with him in his heart.

As quickly as time seemed to slow down, it sped back up. Lord Tarence had held against Lord Ariakan’s striking blow, and then, standing his ground, Lord Tarence held nothing back. A divine energy flowed within him, and once again, Lord Tarence swung his blade. The first swing cut across Lord Ariakan’s chest, and then Lord Tarence made his final strike towards Lord Arikan’s heart.

KRAABOOOOM!!!!! There was a flash of divine light.

Lord Ariakan lay dead at the scene, and it would take time for the silence that had taken hold around the observers to break.
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The Duel for Caergoth: Lord Tarence vs. Lord Ariakan
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